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Electric Grills

Electric grills are usually for use on an apartment patio, balcony or in the kitchen due to restrictions on open fires. While it is possible to get grill marks you lose that smokey barbecue flavor unless you find one that is made to allow the use of pieces of wood during the grilling process.

It is this lack of live fire cooking adventure that prompts many barbecue purists to avoid electric grills. However, if your location and circumstances do not lend themselves to the use of fire then theses grills are your best choice.

Most people tend to think of electric grills in terms of small table or counter top models. While this is the type most frequently seen, large cart models which look much like the standard gas or charcoal types are available.

These grills come in two types - contact grills and open grills. Contact grills are the ones that have a lid with a grid and cook the food from both sides at the same time. The open grill has one grill area and the food must be flipped over just like gas and charcoal grills thus taking a little longer to cook the food.

Some people feel that electric grills are cleaner and healthier to use since you avoid the smoke and disposing of left over ashes. You still have to clean the grill surfaces and in some cases dispose of the collected fat that runs off the grill.

 So what do you look for in an electric grill? Decide on the size grill you want by looking at how you plan to use it. If you entertain and cook full meals then you would want to go with a cart model that has a larger grilling surface, say 200 square inches or more, to go on your patio. If you tend to cook small amounts then a table model might be your best bet.

In order for more of the grill surface to stay in contact with the food you want the grill ridges to be wide and fairly close together. A higher wattage unit provides quicker cooking and better browing - 1000 to 1500 watts being a good starting point.

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Meco Delux Electric Cart Grill

If your living arrangements are such that it is not permitted or not convienient to use a grill with an open flame then you should look at the Meco Delux Electric Grill. A cart style grill, it will work perfectly on patio or balcony, and it features a cooking area of 200 sq. inches, a viewing window and two side table work areas:

Meco 9325 Deluxe Electric Cart Grill...