A Barbecue Grilled Hamburger

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Recipes for Grilling

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Recipes and more recipes is our goal because recipes are a critical part of the grilling process. Grill recipes allow you to match the food you serve to your individual taste or to the tastes of guests you may be entertaining. Included are recipes for the various meats, as well as recipes for grilled vegetables and tasty dessert recipes.

While it is perfectly fine to just toss hot dogs, beef patties or sausages on the grill for a quick meal, there is no reason you can't do something a little more elegant! The trick is to simply match your choice of food to the proper or desired grill technique and then compliment the taste with your favorite marinade, rub or sauce.

 Some recipes are better suited to one of the two grilling styles, direct or indirect, than the other. Direct grilling simply means cooking the food right above the hot coals or gas flames. Indirect grilling involves cooking the food in an area that is not directly above the source of heat - this is often used for preparing larger cuts of meat and to help preserve moisture and tenderness. This also tends to let the food take on more of the smoke flavor.

 You should be aware that there are a number of different factors that can affect the outcome of your grill session. The colder the weather the longer the food will take to cook and likewise the temperature and thickness of the food will affect cooking time. If you are cooking with hardwoods (oak, apple, mesquite) they will cook hotter than charcoal.

Before getting started a few more tips:

(1) Keep your grill clean.

(2) Preheat your grill.

(3) Oil the grates with extra virgin or extra light olive oil.

(4) Keep watch on your food for doneness, don't leave it unattended.

(5) Start a charcoal fire with a chimney or electric starter.

(6) Avoid using a fork to turn the food - you lose juices through the holes.

(7) Try to turn the food over only once if possible.

(8) Never try to grill frozen or cold food - room temperature works best.

(9) If you are using a barbecue sauce that contains a sugar ingredient (sugar, brown sugar, molasses, etc.) remember not to apply it until the last eight to ten minutes of grill time.

Just remember, preparing a great grilled or barbecued recipe is a matter of practice and patience. Follow the recipes and soon you will be adding your own unique touches to your grilled meals.

Try the recipes just as they are or feel free to experiment by substituting different spices, herbs and sauces in place of the ones listed. Your barbecue recipes should always reflect your own special tastes.

Check back often, as we will be adding new grilling recipes from time to time.

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